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Nexus 5 in the test: it is how good today?

The best dual SIM smartphones 1

After the Nexus 6 , the fans of Google’s smartphone serially disenchanted, and the demand for a Nexus 5 (2015) are getting louder audible, we can look back in 2015 again. What Google and LG have done right, the Nexus

Is the battery Nexus 5 Lollipop worse?

Is the battery Nexus 5 Lollipop worse

Yes. Surely those users of a Nexus 5 have realized this, but now I can say that becomes official. We have found through intensive study by the guys at GSMArena, in which also involved other handsets such as the Samsung

Google Nexus 6 Analysis & Opinion

Google Nexus 6 Analysis & Opinion

Has been a long time since Google hurl the first Nexus phone, which was launched in January 2010 as a reference device for all Android application developers.In the past, Google has relied on HTC, Samsung and LG to develop its

Nexus 9 – analysis of the new Google tablet

Nexus 9 - analysis of the new Google tablet (1)

The Nexus 9 is the tablet that Google and HTC want to return to the path of success in the niche market. They have joined forces to make a tablet affordable, with the latest version of Android, and on paper,

Nexus 5 set: The first time with the new Google Phone


The Nexus 5 has already hit us, and like all those who have ordered the Google Phone, we could not wait until we could operate the chic part finally. Here we show you the Nexus 5 from all sides and

The best Nexus accessories 9


It has come to direct selling, stocks end. You can now buy and in 3 days keep it at home. You may want to supplement it with a keyboard, a sleeve or a guard. In this article we will give

Nexus 9: HTC Manager confirmed re-entry into the Tablet market


The nexus of 9 long wandering through the rumor mill and now is considered confirmed. The Tablet is manufactured by HTC and will be presented this month. A manager of the manufacturer now even openly talked that the nexus represents

Definitive Guide Nexus 5 Everything you need to know


Whether you are thinking about buying a Nexus 5, I just bought or already have for some time, in this collection you can find useful information. Here we review the comparisons we have made between the Nexus 5 other Android

Get on your Nexus Android L 5, 7 or Nexus phone with a 4.4-based ROM


Android L for all! So the community works and I love it. Not only published pictures System for Nexus devices, specifically the Nexus 5, and the Nexus 7 , but also those with an Android phone with a ROM based

The end of the Nexus series: There will be no Nexus 6

The end of the Nexus series

We have talked a lot about the Google Nexus 6 could be released this year but at the same time commented that Google could launch the Android Silver program that would end the Nexus series of phones , though some