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HTC Blink Feed: Advertising off in a few steps


The HTC Blink Feed informs the smart phone users of all kinds of news from politics, fashion, sports, culture and many other topics. This news feed is a total designed very clearly and is ready with numerous publications of the

How to take a screenshot on Android phones and tablets


A screenshot on Android is simple, but the process is not the same for each Gerät. Bevor you learn how to take a screenshot, you should check which version of Android smartphone or tablet you läuft.Wenn a relatively modern smartphone

How to take a screenshot with the ASUS ZenFone 2


How can I make a screenshot with a ZenFone and where they are stored? There are two ways to make a screenshot. 1. Press and hold the [Power Key] & [Volume Down key] for 1 second then a screenshot is

Where do I shop for unlocked phones?


Here you will find really simple root tools for the most exciting Android smartphones and tablets. With a few clicks, supported devices are unlocked. Too many devices hold the tool manufacturers ready current root instructions. Please pay attention to any

How to use the Auto Start Manager app on the ASUS ZenFone 2


To start Control Panel, the apps on their own, but beware of the possible consequences. The ASUS ZenFone 2 sure comes preloaded with a lot of applications. Some of us are not happy about the fact that some of us

How to disable the Flash plugin for Chrome


Due to the current warnings probably one or the other user asks how Adobe’s Flash plug-in can be deactivated in each case used browser. A need to use the technology is, in any case barely, as most offers, for example,

How to set up the LG G4


LG artwork, the conditions in the software program is by no means always this same manner in which all other documents in Google android country, moreover, as an episode the conditions like this little differently when you are in, the

Chrome browser – Top 10 Tips & Tricks


Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world thanks to its clean interface and feature set Numerous. Get the best out the browser With These top 10 tips: 1 – Search tips Type a search term into the

Moto X, G and E: Hide provider name from the status bar – How it works [Quick Tip]


In the recent Motorola smartphones Moto X, Moto G and Moto E The name of the mobile operator in the status bar is always displayed. This waste of space annoying, but can be turned off now – we’ll show how

how to connect teamviewer in android


The TeamViewer program besides being this available for computers running under the Android platform. TeamViewer as a remote control from Android is useful to remotely control your computer while you are not in front of him with your Smartphone or