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Google Nexus 6 Analysis & Opinion

Google Nexus 6 Analysis & Opinion

Has been a long time since Google hurl the first Nexus phone, which was launched in January 2010 as a reference device for all Android application developers.In the past, Google has relied on HTC, Samsung and LG to develop its

New Nexus 6 announced today with Google and Motorola


New Nexus 6 announced today that Google and Motorola. The Android-5.0 Smartphone has a huge 6-inch display with Quad HD resolution and will be available in late October when Google play. And these are the remaining highlights: More screen, more

Nexus 9: HTC Manager confirmed re-entry into the Tablet market


The nexus of 9 long wandering through the rumor mill and now is considered confirmed. The Tablet is manufactured by HTC and will be presented this month. A manager of the manufacturer now even openly talked that the nexus represents

Definitive Guide Nexus 5 Everything you need to know


Whether you are thinking about buying a Nexus 5, I just bought or already have for some time, in this collection you can find useful information. Here we review the comparisons we have made between the Nexus 5 other Android

Get on your Nexus Android L 5, 7 or Nexus phone with a 4.4-based ROM


Android L for all! So the community works and I love it. Not only published pictures System for Nexus devices, specifically the Nexus 5, and the Nexus 7 , but also those with an Android phone with a ROM based

The end of the Nexus series: There will be no Nexus 6

The end of the Nexus series

We have talked a lot about the Google Nexus 6 could be released this year but at the same time commented that Google could launch the Android Silver program that would end the Nexus series of phones , though some

Install and use the old Google Maps V6 while using the new Google Maps Version 7


Android applications are updated with time and change function or appearance. It is true that sometimes, there are users who just unhappy with the change in appearance or removal of application content. To bring them good news today regarding updating

Nexus 10: Prices and features official

Nexus 10 Prices and features official

Hey hey hey, you and I know . The Nexus 10 was an open secret, and together with the announcement of Nexus 4 , we have the official details of the new tablet sponsored by  Google . Again is Samsung

ROM Manager available on Google Play

ROM Manager disponible de nuevo en Google Play

It has not been even one day. Yesterday we reported that ROM Manager, ROMs to install the application and users personalidadas root, had been removed from Google Play for failing to meet the billing policy within the app. Koushik Dutta,

What is special about the Nexus compared to other Android devices?

What is special about the Nexus compared to other Android devices

Since Google decided to launch a few years ago and its own mobile operating system , there have been few manufacturers who have chosen to make use of it. Similarly, there are few companies (if not all), you decide to