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How to factory reset and erase the LG G4


All good things must come to an end, and the relationship with your phone. This means at some point you need your LG G4 reset. But it’s not the only reason to do it. Your LG G4 comes from the

LG G Flex 2 – Analysis of the new flagship curved


The first smartphone curved and flexible, the original LG G Flex, suffered from some problems such as a weak camera, low resolution screen and a high price. While the price unable vary greatly in the new LG G Flex 2

6 essential tricks for LG G2

essential tricks for LG G2 (3)

The LG G2 is considered by many of us (in fact it is my smartphone) as the best Android device from 2013. In addition, it is now priced less than 300 euros, spectacular. I, coming from Stock Android and Nexus

Update for Google + brings material design


The update for the Google + announced a few days ago-app has arrived now in this country. The design belongs to the innovations in the first place. It is also possible photos and the G + now for all users,-to

OK Google everywhere: simple trick unlocks new feature Right away

OK Google everywhere simple trick unlocks new feature Right away

More and more users can now even easier to use the voice search from Google now: not only in the Google search app and the Google now Launcher commands with the Hotword can “Okay Google” are activated, but also in

How to root an LG G3


We are back on track with these items more than one daily searches but found nothing. After many twists and turns I decided to bring it. On this day I will teach how to root an LG G3 . Thus,

LG announces the LG G3 A, one version of the LG Mini G3 without QHD screen


LG has announced the LG G3 A , a smaller version of its flagship phone G3, which is above the LG G3 Beat and has many similarities in terms of hardware with the LG G2 last year. The LG G3

Google partners with LG to bring to the public Tango Project

Google partners with LG to bring to the public Tango Project

There are projects that Google carries out in order to make them public as soon as possible, even one could say that we used as a test. Others, we are convinced that internal, or a mild commercial vision developments. In

LG G2 Mini – We test your camera!

LG G2 Mini

Today we caught our LG G2 mini test and we’ve thrown in the street to take some pictures and thoroughly test the main camera of this mini version. The day in Berlin has been perfect for this analysis, so we

Install and use the old Google Maps V6 while using the new Google Maps Version 7


Android applications are updated with time and change function or appearance. It is true that sometimes, there are users who just unhappy with the change in appearance or removal of application content. To bring them good news today regarding updating