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The best games for tablet


One of the main uses of the tablets is playing, often family devices and in which both adults and children can enjoy their games. Any one of the best tablets are valid to play due to their power, although some

Tips for Order and Chaos

Tips for Order and Chaos 5

Order & Chaos is one of the most popular Android MMORPG. This is a game we have to spend hours to get about. This article will give you some little tricks to begin to thrive. 1. Choose a server in

Angry Birds Transformers – app for Android and iOS

Angry Birds Transformers - app for Android and iOS

The latest offshoot of the Angry Birds series inside out, not only once again the gameplay to, but brings the angry birds along with the Transformers. Optimus Prime meets Red Bird, from the spin is a sidescroller. The extension of

Hay Day

Hay Day

From the farm! With Hay Day you can in the style of Farmville and Co. stomp your own farm from the ground and have to get this worry about the welfare of your animals and to agriculture. The farm simulation

Quiz Duel for Android

Quiz Duel for Android

Quiz Duel is fast and crisp guessing game for Android devices, in which you can compete against your friends or other players from around the world and make your general knowledge proof can.   Quiz Duel for Android Do you

The vast selection of games without in-app payments


One of the great business models that has become popular with the advent of smartphones is the games free to play . As the name suggests, this type of games we can start the game for free, but in most

WWE Immortals for Android


WWE Wrestling and superheroes Immortals brings closer together: in different arenas, two teams fight each consisting of three fighters that can be replaced strategically. Is funded by all in-app purchases for new heroes and skills. download WWE Immortals for Android

Table Tennis Touch


A virtual table tennis game, graphically sophisticated and equipped with lots of extras. Arcade mode, mini-games, quick games in between – it will not be boring with Table Tennis Touch so quickly. The only catch: The title runs only on

How to download and install games on android?

How to download and install games on android1

Indeed, in recent years the devices including Android operating system have become much into a real entertainment center, and although smart phones or smartphones were created primarily to provide a system of portable communication, the fact is that These teams

Play PC games with Grid Games Android: First Impressions

Play PC games with Grid Games Android (6)

Although Android games are a great thing, but in terms of graphics lag mobile games the PC and the latest consoles then still a little behind. With Grid Games Nvidia has since autumn 2014, a service at the start, which