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Slowing growth in tablets is confirmed once again

Slowing growth in tablets is confirmed once again

IDC presented its latest data regarding the status of sales and distribution of tablets. The consultant indicates that in the second quarter of 2014 49.3 million tablets were distributed globally, 11% more than the same period last year . That

Gartner: 2015 tablets will outnumber computers

Gartner 2015 tablets will outnumber computers

That the mobile world has eaten the computers , no discussion. It is a fact in any of the reports that have appeared in recent quarters, but it is in the forecasts are for this year, which are held in

The best tablets of the moment face to face

With six months of 2014 behind us, many manufacturers have already presented their main gadgets to compete in different categories. Tablets have gone from being a minor player to be a player in the world of technology by the role

IDC confirms the slowdown in sales of tablets, the van phablets more

IDC confirms the slowdown in sales of tablets

You may remember how a little over a month ago we analyzed the iPad sales figures for the last fiscal quarter. Although the numbers were still notable, evolution seems to show that sales of Apple’s tablet, like the rest of

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10

This year several manufacturers have dared to launch a computer format, or tablet as you look, pretty interesting. Tablets with removable keyboard a bit reminiscent netbooks. That category rose as fast as down. If he succeeds or not to be

Acer A2- 810, renewal in the eight- inch Intel hardware

Acer A2- 810 renewal in the eight- inch Intel hardware

During the weekend we showed that Acer started to update their catalog of tablets , starting with a seven -inch Iconia interesting B1. The following model of which we are aware is the Acer A2- 810. This time we go

Acer insists tablets Android 7 inch and tempting price

Acer insists tablets Android 7 inch and tempting price

The renewal of Android tablets Acer singles yesterday from New York bore fruit two new models Iconia 7 range . The model Acer Iconia One 7 drew attention for its alliance with Intel, it is powered by an Intel Atom

Gartner: 195 million tablets were sold in 2013, 62% were Android


Yes, the year 2013 behind us, but it is logical that the data are analyzed in retrospect, when you have most of them on hand. Companies like Gartner help us understand the state of the market as the reports that

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2

The Xperia Z2 has not come only if not well accompanied by his older brother. Is Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet , a device that looks to continue and maintain the line marked by the previous generation while representing an evolution

Intel Education Tablet, Android in the classroom

Intel Education Tablet

Intel launches new equipment for education and Intel Classmate Tablet PC Education , The company Intel has just officially announced its two new bets within the education sector in the form of two full teams in tablet format, Intel Education