Only an expert on Android knows these 3 things

Statistics for processes cast an eye to the demands of the system memory, your RAM more hungry applications and services that run each application. It is basically the eye of God that monitors everything that makes your phone and applications. It is very good to know what is normal and to identify application problems or processes are out of control.

If you are not familiar with the statistics of processes, so you can access them. You must first allow the developer options: go to settings > about phone and touch compilation number seven times until you see the message Developer options pop up. Back up a step and see the developer options at the bottom of the settings menu. He plays there, seeks the statistics of processes and starts to get familiar with the inner workings of your smartphone.

2 know the secret codes and your smartphone menus
We have already written about codes secrets for Android and hidden menus for different devices. These codes and menus allow you to do all sorts of things, from tests of your GPS, access to a diagnostic menu, simply by pressing a sequence of characters in your phone dialer.

Some codes work for all smartphones, while others are specific to a device or CPU in particular, as Qualcomm’s Moto X Setup menu. If you are a true expert in Android, then you know what there are for your device.

You also have an impressive amount of accessibility settings that virtually no one plays. The true fans of Android not only know these menus, functions and codes, but they do use regular, no matter that they are underused visible parts of the system or secret back doors for engineers and testers. Needless to say there are things behind these backdoors which should not be touched.

Only an expert on Android knows these 3 things 1

3 monitors performance in real time
If you are a true expert in Android, then you will want to know what is happening at all times on your smartphone. As in the statistics of processes before, covering mainly the management of RAM memory, there are applications that allow you to monitor the performance of your Android real-time…
Want to know the amount of data that are rising or falling at any time? You can. Are you interested in the changes of temperature of your CPU when it is working? No problem. Would you like to know what is occupying more space on your internal storage? Easy. There are lots of apps and widgets available to keep up with the slightest change in your device.

Apart from these three key areas: management of RAM memory, secret codes and menus and real-time monitoring, there are many things that you can do to become an anvanzado of Android user. You can test the speed of internet connection, calibrate your Android battery, uses a benchmark on your smartphone, adjust sound settings, use the NFC to transfer files, pair devices and automate tasks, use your Smartwatch or location to tell your smartphone to what should be done, and the list goes on and on.

Things like these are the our daily bread, so we hope you enjoy what you have on a daily basis. Let us know your own advice of expert in the comments.