How to improve the audio quality of the smartphone?

Characteristics :

Volume control media
Five equalizers
Bass amplification effect
Virtualizer effect
Widget home screen
Volume Lock

2. With root permissions
Of course, if you have root permissions on your smartphone, you can configure many aspects that would be inaccessible to your device without root permissions. One of the most popular applications is called Viper4Android.

How to improve the audio quality of the smartphone

Different versions were made ​​depending on the version of Android that you have. All these different versions of Viper4Android are available on the Google Play Store, the official website of the Viper team or on the corresponding topic on the famous website XDA Developers.
This application offers numerous configuration possibilities. Its interface is very detailed, I draw your attention to the different tabs have options to configure the sound separately with headphones or speakers.

And if you have an Android 4.3 ROM based on Jelly Bean on your smartphone, know that another option is available: DSP Manager, which is no other than the equalizer CyanogenMod. This can be downloaded from XDA Developers site.

If you know another way to improve the sound of your Android device, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.