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How to factory reset and erase the LG G4


All good things must come to an end, and the relationship with your phone. This means at some point you need your LG G4 reset. But it’s not the only reason to do it. Your LG G4 comes from the

LG G4 in the test: Photographer in leather cowl


With leather back against the glass and aluminum models of the competition: The LG G4 is visually rather plain fare and tried to convince rather than superficially beguiling design technical qualities. Whether Quantum display, laser camera with color spectrum sensor,

LG will mass produce curved screens as the G Flex


The Korean giant has announced the construction of a factory that LG will produce massive curved screens similar to which is currently equipped with the Flex 2 G. These screens use plastic instead of glass, which gives them sufficient flexibility

Introduced entry-level smartphone for 149 Euro: LG Bello II

Introduced entry-level smartphone for 149 Euro LG Bello II

With the Bello II LG has unveiled a new Android smartphone that should appeal of the facilities and the price wise, price-conscious buyers. The smartphone will go on sale in late September. LG has officially introduced the successor to the

LG G4 – H815

LG G4 - H815

Faster processor, great camera, much labor and flash memory which can be expanded via microSD card up to 200 GB: The G4 from LG comes with everything you would expect from a top smartphone. It is thus rightly one of

LG G4 with Snapdragon 808, X10 LTE and 16 MP camera with OIS

LG G4 with Snapdragon 808, X10 LTE and 16 MP camera with OIS1

According to the leaks, the facts follow. LG today introduced the new G4 while – due to various leaks and private information that can hardly provide surprises. This is the LG G4 but not diminish, on the contrary: The newest

LG G4 – The new camera mount a lens with 6 layers

LG G4 - The new camera mount a lens with 6 layers5

With less than two weeks left for the official presentation of the new LG flagship, the new G4, continues to reach new information on the characteristics and physical properties that the new LG camera Innotek mounted. More information in the

LG G4: camera and screen to excel in high-end without compromise

LG G4 camera and screen to excel in high-end without compromise1

There are still two weeks to officially meet the new LG G4 but from Korea and work in assembling everything surrounding a launch of this size. And it has eluded some of that information, as we gather at Engadget Mobile

LG G4 Alleged leaked render image and dimensions


After Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 will soon provide the LG G4 follow. In April, the next flagship model of the South Korean company will be presented. But now a first alleged press photo has surfaced showing a

LG G Flex 2 – Analysis of the new flagship curved


The first smartphone curved and flexible, the original LG G Flex, suffered from some problems such as a weak camera, low resolution screen and a high price. While the price unable vary greatly in the new LG G Flex 2