5 reasons to not buy the OnePlus 2

Many Chinese smartphones will renounce this technology included claiming that there is not used much, as neither are widely used applications in your customization layers crates. OnePlus in particular said they suppressed the NFC to include fingerprint reader and maintain a competitive price, but considering that NFC chips distributed nearly them with pipes, had not gone more than €10 the price. It is unthinkable to me that a high-end smartphone (even Chinese) does not have this technology, and more even if we take into account that OnePlus makes their smartphones for distribution around the world.

5 reasons to not buy the OnePlus 2

3 Snapdragon 810 processor come from hell
Maybe nothing, that manufacturers are hard link. OnePlus has endeavored to include this chip making was a new version that does not bring problems of overheating, which Qualcomm initially denied. OnePlus could have opted for the Snapdragon 808, less powerful, but unless you make sure that your phone has not just as a teenager in a nightclub at 3 o’clock in the morning: warm, warm.

It could also have opted for Mediatek helium 10 X, although less potent, had at least taken a better advantage of good battery that brings, and in addition it had already been Chinese at all (Chinese manufacturer, no NFC and Mediatek chip). When it comes to the truth not heats up to close any app, as it is the case with the camera of the Sony Xperia + Z3, but are still felt a heat that can be rather annoying.

5 reasons to not buy the OnePlus 2 3

4. no quick load
2015 East has been full of terminals with fast charge, either by the processor or the terminal itself. A patch is pretty well accepted by those who have a terminal with battery not removable, although it continues to be that, a patch. In the case of the terminal that occupies us, even brings this option, what is shocking given that own processor has this capability.

It may OnePlus consider this and can include this option with a future update, if they have not castrated him at the hardware level, it’ll be in the coming months if the Chinese company thinks about those who make intense use of the terminal during the day. We do not ask to be as quick as the Samsung Galaxy S6, but that at least in half an hour you can load enough to get home unless it threatens to shut down.

5 absence of slot for microSD card
OnePlus 2 is a terminal with a large screen and a good resolution, which invites to consume multimedia content. Watch a movie during a long trip is a pleasant experience in a terminal of this type, and perhaps more than one would be tempted to save many films in your terminal for cases like these. In the times running a film of an acceptable quality takes up enough space, and you will not get low quality movie having the screen you have.